Who Are we?

BMV is a collective of intelligent men dedicated to discussing solutions for  men in today’s anti-male society. We believe the lack of family and culture, contributes heavily to a lot of societies shortcomings.
We achieve through several social media outlets, through various types of media. Statistics and facts are collected, compiled and presented to those who wish for a better climate in the future.


We wish to create a culture of brotherhood, in hopes to one day create a movement that will address issue and push for laws to better protect mens rights from issues such as: Paternity fraud, unjust courts, and false rape accusations. Our hope is to create an invincible coalition of all races of men and supporters. This force is the only way we can save the next generation. 



You’ve come here because you felt the same as we. A society sick and delusional; hell bent on eliminating masculinity. You’ve always scratched your head at womens hypocritical behavior. You always knew that being a respectable intelligent gentleman was right, and being a degenerate was wrong; yet society supports degenerates, and shuns intelligent men. You’ve always noticed patterns in dating that contradicted to what we were told being raised. We have these answers and more.

Next Steps…

Join the BMV Headquarters, subscribe to BlackMenVentTV on youtube, follow us on Facebook and twitter. The collective has answers, we need you to join and add your piece. See you at the HQ (sorry no women allowed)